Matt Aguilera

July 30, 2010

All About Me


Some mornings, I still try to guess what ethnicity I am. I could be Greek, Algerian, Iranian, Turkish, Mexican but I’m reliably informed that my roots are from Spain and Stoke. What a combination.

I have a classic Stoke accent, never say ‘duck’ unless I am doing impressions of my Mum and have jet black hair that has started to get some grey in the temple area. I am now over 30 and life isn’t hiding any illusions from me any more. I’m also very fond of burritos, cakes and root beer.

I’ve been Head of Social Media, Brand manager and Head of Media (losing one word makes it a better position you know) for digital marketing agencies. I’ve also had some great mentors that have helped me to get to where I am today. And some not so great ones I’ve also learned a great deal from too.

Today, I’m writing from this blog about my perspective on working life and my own business. After working in some great roles in marketing agencies, I knew I needed to back myself and go in the direction that I thought was best.

Now, I help businesses (big and small) generate more ideas, market themselves better with social media and create compelling content.

I’ve always been good at coming up with ideas. My passion when I was 11 was gaming. No surprise there. I wanted to create my own gaming magazine or even better, my own game. This lead me to creating characters, maps and add-ons for existing games.

If I knew what I know now, I would have sent off my ideas to the gaming publishers to give them insight from their own audience. Some of those fatalities I came up with for Mortal Kombat could have made it, I swear.

Of course. If this was today, I would identify who the people I needed to speak to via social media and gone through a multi-contact campaign of my own to get a response.

That’s what I help businesses to do today with the people they need to reach. And give them more ideas to inspire them. Which ever they need the most today.

I’m obsessed with habit stacking, learning new processes and improving myself daily. This is what has inspired me to directly help people. Even those that tell me that they are not a morning person.

I love presenting and being given the opportunity to inspire others. That’s what I will do here on my blog.

Everything here will always be free content that you can use for yourself or your business. I want to give you my insight and experience. I believe it’s my one true way to contribute directly to society.









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